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Sirromet Wines – Marissa & Christopher

Back to back Sirromet Weddings with another awesome day filled with all those special moments and a heap of fun. It was a dark and cloudy day with a chance of rain, and the rain did arrive just after we headed in for the reception. :0)  It was great to be working again with one of Brisbane’s best wedding celebrants Michelle Patterson  Being apart of this wonderful day with Marissa, Chris, the bridal party, and the family was such a delight. Thanks everyone :0)

Sirromet Wedding Photography-1 Sirromet Wedding Photography-2Sirromet Wedding photography-3Sirromet Wedding Photography-4Sirromet Wedding Photography-5Sirromet Wedding Photography-6Sirromet Wedding Photography-7Sirromet Wedding Photography-8Sirromet Wedding Photography-9Sirromet Wedding Photography-10Sirromet Wedding Photography-11Sirromet Wedding Photography-12

Sirromet Wedding Photography-12a

Sirromet Wedding Photography-13Sirromet Wedding Photography-14Sirromet Wedding Photography-15Sirromet Wedding Photography-16Sirromet Wedding Photography-17Sirromet Wedding Photography-18Sirromet Wedding Photography-19Sirromet Wedding Photography-20Sirromet Wedding Photography-21Sirromet Wedding photography-22Sirromet Wedding Photography-23Sirromet Wedding Photography-24Sirromet Wedding Photography-25Sirromet Wedding Photography-26Sirromet Wedding Photography-27Sirromet Wedding Photography-28Sirromet Wedding Photography-29Sirromet Wedding Photography-30Sirromet Wedding Photography-31Sirromet Wedding Photography-32Sirromet Wedding Photography-33Sirromet Wedding Photography-34Sirromet Wedding Photography-35Sirromet Wedding Photography-36Sirromet Wedding Photography-37Sirromet Wedding Photography-38Sirromet Wedding Photography-39Sirromet Wedding Photography-40Sirromet Wedding Photography-41Sirromet Wedding Photography-42Sirromet Wedding Photography-43Sirromet Wedding Photography-44Sirromet Wedding Photography-45Sirromet Wedding Photography-46Sirromet Wedding Photography-47Sirromet Wedding Photography-48Sirromet Wedding Photography-49Sirromet Wedding Photography-50Sirromet Wedding Photography-51Sirromet Wedding Photography-52Sirromet Wedding Photography-53Sirromet Wedding Photography-54Sirromet Wedding Photography-55Sirromet Wedding Photography-56Sirromet Wedding Photography-57Sirromet Wedding Photography-58Sirromet Wedding Photography-59Sirromet Wedding Photography-60Sirromet Wedding Photography-61Sirromet Wedding Photography-62

Thank you again for allowing me to capture your big day…

You guys have a great honeymoon in Europe and we will catch up again in a few weeks…


Grant Stewart

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